How To Defy Gravity With 6 Simple Machines

by Esmerelda Strange



Track Listing:
1. This Is The Lifesize Mousetrap
2. Step Right Up (Intro)
3. Only 6
4. The Incline Plane
5. The Amazing Screw
6. Mouse In Space
7. The Wedge Of Cheese
8. The Story Of The Diver Guy
9. Friction
10. Hey There Mice
11. Clever Lever
12. The Wheel and The Axle
13. Super Power Pulley
14. Broken Machine
15. Chain Reaction
16. Do It At Home
17. Thank You!

Esmerelda is a one person band, performing with her accordion and drum/percussion rig. This record shows off her carnival music writing and storing telling talents. Each song focuses on some element of the LifeSize Mousetrap which is a traveling show she has been part of since it's inception. The show is based on the game Mousetrap and is a Rube Goldberg chain reaction involving many mechanical principals. Esmerelda explains these principals in each song in a childlike way that both children and adults alike can enjoy and learn from.


released 01 October 2011



all rights reserved


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